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Aesthetics is important Obviously, Your website must be very attractive but, an ideal website must be easily found by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), adapt to any mobile device and most importantly:Make the visitor want to know more about you.


This is the Magic that most inexperienced “Web Designers” ignore.

Why should I take it too seriously?

Most users go to Internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc) to find a product or service and if your website doesn’t appear in the results it won’t matter if it is attractive.

Understand something: search engines DO NOT SEE only READ.

Yes, they will read the code with which your site was created and if it is not well optimized I assure you that you will always be last.  

Another problem that your website will face is that 80% of those internet searches are done through mobile devices and if your website is not adapted to these technologies, guess what? You lost a new customer. Even having all this the most important thing for a website is: Conversion.  

Did you know that we only have less than 45 seconds for the new visitor to stay on your website or make the decision to go elsewhere? Do you know the bounce rate of your website?


So, what good is a beautiful website if we do not achieve our most precious goal:  GENERATE SALES.

We cannot forget the complex security systems that a website must have to avoid being spied on or hacked by digital criminals.


If you still think that a website should be cheap and not efficient, I think you are visiting the wrong place



At Pixel Studios we have what you need.



Web site development

We develop real online businesses.,  or we implement new features in an existing one. Corporate websites and landing pages designed to present your brand optimized to  meet your objectives.


We develop real online businesses.

How do we make it possible?


In order to develop an efficient Web site, you must start by answering many questions that will allow you to clarify and define in a basic way what are the expectations that revolve around the Web site and the interaction that it will generate.


It is of utmost importance to meet to discuss every detail of your project and establish the objectives, such as, for example: What are the technical requirements?, define who will be part of the work team, plan the order and structure of the web site, make market and competition studies, analyze the profile of the visitor or prospective customer, etc.

Design and Development

Did you think that to do an excellent job you only need one person? No, in Pixel Studios each member of the web team must be trained in their field of work, we have specialists in each area of the project: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Database Specialists, Editors, Content Creators, UI/UX (user interface and user experience) specialists, engineers and more in order to achieve a unique and high quality project.

Our sites are exclusive, responsive, (adapted to mobile technologies), intuitive, easy to use and edit, multi-language so you can project your business globally.

At Pixel Studios web development is one of our specialties, we have developed more than 500 website projects in the last 5 years, many of them programmed from scratch or in different content management systems such as wordpress, prestashop or magento  

Do you think we lack experience?

Do you want a cheap website?



Surely that’s not what you need for your venture.

Remember that cheap is not unique and is not quality.

 At Pixel Studios we can adapt to your budget. We have web design packages with different features to suit all projects but without ever losing quality and attractiveness because within our internal process we have high quality standards and controls that we will never overlook. Our seal of quality is what differentiates us from our competitors.


The time is now, great businesses are built with planning and time. For a website to become a true online business it must be “scalable”.


If you want to have a truly successful online business the scalability of your project is a very important factor to take into account.


The world changes daily and it is not enough to have a “nice website” your business must be ready to assume those changes if you want to succeed on the internet. You need to have an optimized and intuitive websitewith the ability to evolve to new technologies.


In Pixel Studios you will always find a young, creative and prepared team so that your business is always at the forefront of the Digital World.




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