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We help your company to grow in the Digital World

We are Pixel Studios and we want to guide your business to find the best opportunities on the internet.

We are a strategic partner for all your projects, providing integral solutions according to your needs.

We know your business needs.

We have a plan

Creative Thinking.

We will be with you in your first steps on the road to the digitalization of your business.  We give order to your ideas and projects to make them visible in the main search engines and internet applications in an intuitive, easy to use and very attractive way. 

Our Mission: Anyone looking what you do, has to find you..

We are specialists.

Opening the digital doors of your business to the whole world, with a website, online store or mobile application.

We make you shine in the digital world.

Our Vision: we want to see your business grow.

We are experienced.

If your business is already online, it’s time to go for more!

With our experience we will achieve greater opportunities for your business, using the power of digital marketing and technology we can take your business to success in markets you never thought you could touch.

Our Value: Your business is our business.

Our team is Amazing

Danny Rodríguez

Danny Rodríguez

Founder & CEO

Marketing Strategist with extensive experience in the development of Online and Offline Advertising campaigns.

Andrea Guerrero

Andrea Guerrero

Social Media

Operational and relationship marketing focused on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

Kelen Rojas

Kelen Rojas

Ingeniero en sistemas

An educator with more than 10 years of experience in technological development, leader in the industry.

Jenny Stolman

Jenny Stolman

Brand Manager

When it comes to brands, Jenny is the best in her category.

Branding experience

Our warranty

These are some of the aspects that engage our corporate spirit.


If it goes well for you, it’s better for us, and not just for money. We are pleased to be part of the dreams and goals of our clients.


We are nice people :), and each one of us has invested a lot of time and effort educating ourselves in what we offer you today as a service. In each of the areas we have a team certified and certified by the best companies.


It’s like going to the black market and pretending to find original brands at copy prices.


Now imagine what it’s like to put a millionaire idea in the hands of someone who only thinks about money.

We are confidential with every project.

What we do best



Social Media

Corporate Training

Web analytics

Web Development

Email Marketing


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