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More Growth for your business

Increased growth for your business

Our experience in mobile development allows us to be the best partner for the development of your project. We are able to develop any mobile application fully customized to your needs. We use technologies that allow us to reduce development times and offer a practical, easy to use and totally sophisticated product.


An App for your business is the best tool to build customer loyalty.

It is not only about building the ideal App for your business, atPixel Studios we assist you in the process of publishing and distribution in digital stores such as Google Play and App Store.

Usability and User Experience


In the development of applications, beyond the functions, usefulness and correct functioning of an App, it is of utmost importance to pay attention to two essential characteristics: Design and usability.

An Application must be designed from the point of view of your users.

5 Phases of a Successful App

A fabulous App, but how many downloads do you have?


To ensure the success of your project, our applications include a strategic launch plan and marketing consulting.

1. Analysis: Knowing what you want is different from knowing what your customers need. It is essential to make an analysis of all the processes, elements and functions that will give life to your mobile project.  

2. Design: Every button, screen and graphic element is carefully designed. We implement basic and advanced fundamentals to achieve the best interface and experience for your users.

3. DevelopmentWe use the most sophisticated and versatile technology that best suits your project.

4. Publication: Don’t worry, we take care of all the distribution and publication in digital stores such as Google Play and App Store.

5. Launch: ¿magine having the best restaurant in the world and nobody knows about it? The Secret: Marketing, We take care of all the positioning and marketing of your Application. The success of your project is our success



The protagonist is the one who consumes the product, if he/she feels part of the brand and gets involved through experiences, there is a greater probability of success.

Reasons to choose us as your Agency

In Pixel studios we have an extensive experience in which we have worked with all types of clients, and for this reason we have been able to acquire knowledge of many business sectors. Thanks to this experience, we can take on challenges with complete confidence and guarantee success in any project you propose to us.

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