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Why should you have Social Networks?

The rise of social media every day increases and causes greater impact on our society, it is no longer just a communication channel to share with friends, it has become a powerful tool and our best ally to show our business and to generate sales.  


The future of business is social

7 Advantages of having a Social Media

Now I want to show you the reasons why you should START NOW to use these communication platforms:


1. They offer you another MARKETING CHANNEL to create branding, relationship building which in turn translates into sales and in addition is FREE.  

2. Develop a LOYAL COMMUNITY that will help you create an emotional connection between your company and your potential customers (And remember… 80% of purchasing decisions are EMOTIONAL).

3. Improve CUSTOMER SERVICE: Social networks are a great source of feedback, allowing your customers to communicate directly and quickly with your company and as a result increase the reliability of your brand.

4. Increase your DIGITAL EXPOSURE: Interacting on social networks will help you grow your business presence online, as it leads to massive exposure due to worldwide access, sharing capabilities and the large amount of users that connect on a daily basis.

5. It gives you a boost in TRAFFIC AND SEO RANKING: Social networks are important channelers and consistently brings a high volume of traffic to your website, likewise it helps you with SEO as search engines significantly reflect social media content.

6. It helps you EXPAND SALES and reach a new audience, listening to your potential customers on social media can help you respond to their specific needs, this will cause an increase in sales and expand your customer base.  

7. Reduce MARKETING COSTS: Compared to traditional media advertising such as print and broadcast, social media marketing is affordable for any business, remember these channels are FREE.   

Taking care of the content, being able to provide answers to the messages that arrive daily on different platforms can be very time consuming and you should focus mainly on managing your business, so… How about if we take care of it? We have extensive experience in taking responsibility for your social media presence.




“Brands that IGNORE social media will DIE it’s that SIMPLE.”




Social Media are changing the World

Although the essence of marketing may remain the same, consumers are transforming the way they search for services and products. Social media has completely changed, the internet is actually changing the entire world so the traditional way of advertising is no longer working.  

However, it is not enough to have a presence in social networks and have a nice profile, it goes much further, you must have: 


It is essential to create a social media plan, based on the fundamental pillars of discipline, focus, concrete objectives, perseverance, among others.  

Select the Channels

While it is true that Facebook and Instagram are statistically the most used networks by everyone, there are other networks with great importance that can perfectly fit your target audience. Remember… It’s not about quantity, it’s about choosing the most optimal platforms for your business.

Value Content

It is not possible to publish without sense, it is about researching and studying the ideal client, having an appropriate tone in communication, generating content that educates, that helps, that provides value to our audience, that is of quality.  

Define objectives

Specific, achievable, measurable and relevant.

Market Research

Obviously the study of competition is very important, we can obtain information on the weaknesses and strengths of our direct competitors, among other characteristics that will allow us to make decisions and create strategies to compete in a better way.

Build a Community

It is not about having a large number of followers in an account, it is about creating affinity, connecting with your audience, being part of their lives, interacting, getting to know them, creating a closeness and thus the name of your business will always be present in their minds.

In relation to all of the above, we are talking about the importance of proper management in networks, which is why for us, Pixel Studios is a fundamental pillar within the Digital Marketing strategies the proper use of the platforms and every day we take care to specialize to offer the best service.

WE ARE READY to empower and transform YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA.

Reasons to choose us as your Social Media Manager

You may be wondering: How do we achieve all this? It’s simple! We have a great multidisciplinary team, such as: Account Manager, Creative Director, Community Manager, Social Media Strategist, Content Writer, Graphic Designers.



Social Media emerged to connect brands with their customers in a different way, more enjoyable and fun, using content as the structure in the relationship and allowing that closeness with the audience in a different way. Considering this, when managing the networks you need a great team to achieve the best management, a plan of action, which manages to communicate, which is able to create effective content, which can monitor all the details, while achieving a good design and structure the images, all this in order to achieve the goal of POSITIONING YOUR BRAND in the mind of the CONSUMER through social networks.


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