“Create a customer, not a sale” 

“Create a customer, not a sale”

Selling Online is not about Magic, it’s about Trust.

At Pixel Studios we have all the answers you need in the world of E-Commerce. In the era of E-Commerce knowing how to sell is more important than you think, because your customer does not have an advisor next to him that can support him, so the more simple, practical and intuitive your store is the more customers and growth you will have as a result.

An efficient online store needs to generate trust, security, integration, speed, ease of use and administration. Creating an online store is a complex task that needs order and structure in order to minimize errors and failures.

Are you thinking whether or not to set up an ONLINE STORE?

Owning a business is a very old and common dream, and it is e-commerce that is becoming the object of desire for those who want to start a business. However, having an online business may not be a simple task as many often think.

At Pixel Studios we show you the path you need to take to make your business a “Digital Ecosystem” that maximizes your results and achieves your goals in the world of e-commerce.

Having an online store where you can showyour products all over the world, with 24/7 exposure and without having to increase fixed costs of a store or staff, is definitely a very Smart Business.

Before embarking on the world of E-Commerce, you should know one thing:“Competition is fierce” and you need more than an attractive store to take over your competitors. 

If you want to beat your competitors online, you need the support of a whole team of experts in the field, like us at Pixel Studios.




If you still think that a Virtual Store must be cheap and not efficient, I think you are visiting the wrong place.





In the world of sales, emotions are always involved, in fact the vast majority of sales are emotional and not so rational, did you know that?

E-commerce is much more than hiring an engineer or a web designer. You need people who know how to sell!

Yes, just as you are reading it.

“Your online store wins every time a customer buys, not every time you get a visit.”.

“The reason your customers only seem to care about price is that you haven’t offered them something more interesting.”

From graphic design, color psychology, action buttons, content marketing, mobile and responsive technology, web security systems, search engine indexing (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), payment and shipping processors, comments and site reputation are elements that your visitor will evaluate when choosing you and not your competition and believe me… you have a lot of competition. 

That is why visitors should not only feel confident and secure, they should know that behind all this technology there is a human team that is there to support and clarify their doubts, they should also know that their purchase is very valuable for your business.  

“”Giving more value to your customer is what sets you apart.”

Adding value to your Online Store may be the necessary stimulant to reach that desired click that every Internet merchant waits for day after day, that moment where the visitor to your store becomes a new customer by clicking on the BUY button.


“Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings between two people.”

 Zig Ziglar


Now, do you understand why your online store should be a space you love?

A Business that MAKES MONEY while you sleep.

In the past, for an entrepreneur or merchant to establish a business in a point of sale and remain there, order, planning, discipline, leadership, investment and time. were necessary. That was the rule, regardless of the product or service offered.  

Now, I ask you: what do you think has changed?

Many things have changed, nowadays with just a quick google search it is possible to find an infinite number of options where we can find our desired product or service but the basic essence of business remains intact, in fact the growth of e-commerce is advancing faster than that of traditional commerce.

A great project takes dedication and time. The digital world is very wide and there is room for everyone, from small stores to big stores E-commerce is growing continuously in a very aggressive way, there are great opportunities waiting for you. 

The future of business is in the digital world and we know how to do it. 

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